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Hostgator cpanel username=laronde password (87) $19.95 "Ad-Free" yearly subscription for icetent } pass=(11) Cap Amex $12.5 per month Office365 Business Premium for richard } pass=(Cap 812) Visa0409 Office365 Business Premium for richard } administrator pass=(Cap 812) Metrocast router Fairpoint router access 
BearCam1 unused
BearCam2 DSL Netcam SC (new) 1280x960 Center View,6192 Main 
BearCam3 DSL Axis 704x480,6193 right view Moultonboro
BearCam 4 unused
BearCam5 DSL Axis 704x480,6195   bees hive
BearCam6 DSL Axis 704x480,6196 NWZ
BearCam7 Metrocast Foscam 197,6197 cam7 PTZ living room
BearCam8 Metrocast Netcam XL (old) 1280x960,6198 Center View Backup
BearCam9 DSL NEW Foscam 199,6199 cam9 PTZ porch
Web-X10 DSL port :83 local 107

Metrocast cable  maildock image  12, maildockcam  administrator, M 191,6191 cam1 192,6192 cam2 193,6193 cam3 195,6195cam5 196,6196cam6 197,6197cam7 (foscam pt) 198,6198cam8 198,6199 cam9 108,temptrax 107,web x10 remote router access  126,bearfeed admin


Fairpoint DSL  maildock image  12, maildockcam  administrator, M 191,6191 cam1 192,6192 cam2 193,6193 cam3 195,6195 cam5 196,6196 cam6 196,6197 cam7 (foscam pt) 198,6198 cam8 198,6199 cam9 Foscam 108,temptrax 107,web x10 remote router access cam1 ADMIN LINK 126,bearfeed admin

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